Novel Design for a Biomimetic Water-Jetting Propulsion Vehicle Actuated by SMA Wires


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An experimental biomimetic water-jetting propulsion vehicle for robot cuttlefish is presented. Firstly the cuttlefish swimming mode and mantle muscle structure is analyzed as the theory basis. Secondly the vehicle is designed and manufactured. The vehicle is actuated by SMA wires. Through rational structural design, it can achieve flexible water-jetting propulsion like cuttlefish mantle. Thirdly the geometrical model of the biomimetic mantle cross section is built. At last, the performance of the propulsion machine is tested by experiment. The experimental results are mainly about the response curves of the mantle outside diameter, the strain of SMA wire and the swimming displacement with time. The maximum contractive distance of the biomimetic mantle along the vertical direction is 6 mm, the maximum strain of SMA wire is -1.8 %. The maximum swimming speed is 45 mm/s.



Edited by:

Shaobo Zhong, Yimin Cheng and Xilong Qu






Y. W. Wang et al., "Novel Design for a Biomimetic Water-Jetting Propulsion Vehicle Actuated by SMA Wires", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 50-51, pp. 73-77, 2011

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February 2011




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