A Method of DEL Resources Matching DEL Needs


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The dialectical relationship between disaster emergency logistics (DEL) resources and DEL needs shows that DEL tasks are rooted in DEL needs, and the implementations of DEL tasks are limited by DEL resources. What’s more, the DEL resources shortage and the implementation of the DEL tasks directly affect the DEL needs. But how to reconcile the shortage of DEL resources and wide DEL needs will be very important, so a mathematical method for DEL contradiction is developed in this study. The aim is to coordinate logistics support for relief operations. The variety and extension of DEL needs can match the shortage of DEL resources. The urgency-attribute vector is made to represent the urgency degree of logistics task, and logistics task urgency order sequence can be got through the AHP based on logistics expert judging ability difference and fuzzy comprehensive method. So resources can be allotted to the task with the sequence of high priority, and with the sequence updating, the re-releasing logistics can be allocated again.



Edited by:

Shaobo Zhong, Yimin Cheng and Xilong Qu






S.Q. Liu and L.Y. Zhang, "A Method of DEL Resources Matching DEL Needs", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 50-51, pp. 83-87, 2011

Online since:

February 2011





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