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Authors: Nan Ping Liu, Fei Zheng, Ke Wen Xia
Abstract:CDMA multiuser detection (MUD) is a crucial technique to mobile communication. We adopt improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm...
Authors: Jin Cai, Qing Ze Xu, Zheng Wang
Abstract:Based on the CFD/CSD (Computational Fluid Dynamics / Computational Structural Dynamics) algorithm, flutter characteristic and fluid structure...
Authors: Qu Li, Min Yao, Wei Hong Wang, Yan Ye Du
Abstract:Gene expression programming (GEP) is a kind of phenotype/genotype based evolutionary computation. Code reuse is an important issue in GEP....
Authors: Ying Hui Lv, Yan Zhen Yu
Abstract:In solving non-linear inverse optimization problems, how to make sure one and only solution and cut down computational effort are two very...
Authors: Mei Lan Tang, Xin Ge Liu
Abstract:This paper investigates the delay-dependent robust stability of neutral systems with time-varying discrete delays and time-varying structured...
Authors: Mei Lan Tang, Xin Ge Liu
Abstract:Based on Mawhin's continuation theorem and some analysis skill, some sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic solutions for a kind...
Authors: Li Jiao Gong, Jiang Quan Li
Abstract:The use of piezoelectric material as transducer is prevalent. Piezoelectric bending mode element can be used for vibration energy harvesting...
Authors: Jian Fu Zhang, Zhi Jun Wu, Ping Fa Feng, Ding Wen Yu
Abstract:The plastic-coated slideways have been widely used for form-generating movement in machine tools. Its dynamic behavior plays an important...
Authors: Xuan Ya Li, Lin Lin Ci, Gen Yan Ge, Da Wei Li
Abstract:Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) enable susceptible sensing of the environment, offering unprecedented opportunities for observing the...
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