Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dian Xuan Gong, Feng Gong Lang

Abstract: A bivariate spline is a piecewise polynomial with some smoothness de ned on a parti- tion. In this paper, we mainly study the dimensions of...

Authors: Ling Wang, Dian Xuan Gong, Chuan An Wei, Shi Qiu Zheng

Abstract: The proposed hybrid parallel evolutionary method for Job Shop scheduling with parallel machines was verified by application in a steam...

Authors: Qiu Na Zhang, Dian Chuan Jin, Jun Na Jiang

Abstract: In [1] it gives an ideal of Hilbert Algebras in BCK-algebras, as well as some propositions. So in this paper, we will give a fuzzy Ideal of...

Authors: Qiu Na Zhang, Cui Lan Mi, Ai Min Yang

Abstract: The concept of ideals play an important role in Hilbert Algebras in BCK-algebras, so here we will give some relationships between ideal,...

Authors: Feng Li Yang, Jing Bo Yang

Abstract: Impact loads from the broken conductors are common for transmission lines, which can bring threaten to the safe operation of the...

Authors: Cheng Bing He, Zhi Yong Wang, Jian Shen

Abstract: Electromechanical wave model is a new method in the research of generator-grid dynamic response of large scale electric power systems. Based...

Authors: Xian Mei Fang

Abstract: Grid is an emerging infrastructure which enables effective coordinate access to various distributed computing resources in order to serve...

Authors: Xiao Bo Gao

Abstract: From the perspective of resource sharing, grid computing is a system ranging from small kind of network system for home using to large-scale...

Authors: Zhong Qi Duan, Xiao Feng Xue

Abstract: In the old days of the mainframe, information was centralized so security was not as big an issue. Nowadays, with the advent of information...

Authors: Qian Kun He, Jia Zhong Zhang, Ying Jie Wei, Cong Wang, Wei Cao

Abstract: Based on the movement characteristics of the supercavitating underwater vehicle, the tail impact force has been defined by summarizing...


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