Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Zheng, Hong Li

Abstract: The normal stress between wires is one of the main factors of the slipping and stress concentration in the stay-cables. In order to improve...

Authors: Gang Zheng, Gui Qian Li

Abstract: Based on the basic requirements of current Guidelines for Seismic Design of Highway Bridges, the orthogonal quasi-static test of four...

Authors: Cheng Bing He, Yu Jiong Gu

Abstract: Steam-induced vibration fault seriously affects the reliable operation of supercritical steam turbine. A lot of actual cases of...

Authors: Mei Li Zhang, Min Lin

Abstract: The symmetry in a double-well potential of bistable systems subject to the action of a harmonic signal is broken. By variation of the...

Authors: Yun Feng Yang, Xiao Guang Wei, Zhi Xun Su

Abstract: Image interpolation is used widely in the computer vision. Holding edge information is main problem in the image interpolation. By using...

Authors: Nu Wen Xu, Chu Nan Tang, Chun Sha, Ru Lin Zhang

Abstract: This research applied a numerical code, RFPA2D (Realistic Failure Process Analysis) to evaluate the stability and investigate the failure...

Authors: Mei Hong Li, Ye Du, Ji Qiang Liu, Xin Zheng

Abstract: To resolve the color-register problem on web-press machine, a kind of networking register system was presented. Firstly, a special diamond...

Authors: Xiu Yu Zhong

Abstract: For the mistaken report and false alarm occurring frequently in intrusion detection system (IDS), the evidence based on forensics system of...

Authors: Yong Qiang Shi, Qing Zhen Yang, Xin Hai Zhou

Abstract: A harmonic balance approach has been developed to compute nonlinear viscous unsteady flows around oscillating blades. The computed results...

Authors: Zeng Ji Liu, Quan Ji, Yu Hui Zhang, Yan Zhi Xia

Abstract: The target-substrate distance has a significant effect on the morphology and the relative deposition rate of fluorocarbon films deposited by...


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