Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Qiong Yu, Zhuo Li, Ling Di Ping

Abstract: In this paper, a new blind steganalytic scheme is proposed to effectively detect JPEG steganography. In DCT domain, the co-occurrence...

Authors: Wei Ran Lin, Zhi Hui Wu, Li Chao Feng, Wai Bin Huang

Abstract: KNN algorithm is used for Chinese text classification in this paper. First, TF-IDF is chosen as the feature weighting method. To the...

Authors: Xian Rui Meng, Na Na Li, Yu Xia Tong

Abstract: Multi-point boundary value problem is studied in this paper. With the condition that nonlinear term is superlinear or sublinear, it is...

Authors: Jian Yong Di, Yan Mei Yang, Kai Lei Xi, Xiao Feng Xu

Abstract: This paper introduces game theory to analysis of the development of college sports in the emerging imbalance. In the new social conditions,...

Authors: Zhen Dong Li, Cui Xian Sun, Cheng Wang

Abstract: The unbiased estimator of unknown parametric function based on possion’s population is discussed, and the expression of two classes of...

Authors: Cheng Wang, Zhi Ming Wang

Abstract: In this paper, suppose is an arbitrary uniformly smooth real Banach space, and is a nonempty closed convex subset of . Let be a generalized...

Authors: Bo Peng, Zhi Hui Wu

Abstract: This paper assumed that the stock price jump process for a special kind of renewal jump process, that is incident time interval for...

Authors: Ping Li, Ming Ying Zhuo, Li Chao Feng, Rui Zhang

Abstract: Non-performance loan ratio is one of the important assessment criteria of the security of credit assets. It is also an important financial...

Authors: Juan Li Hu, Jia Bin Deng, Jin Bo Liu, Jue Bo Wu

Abstract: Green, energy-saving, environmental protection and sustainable development have become the most popular buzzword and topic in science...

Authors: Ci Zhang

Abstract: Industrial clusters have emerged in many parts of China. But with the development of the cluster, some industrial cluster shows its unique...


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