Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ci Wang, Liang Chen, Cai Yun Zheng

Abstract: Local Universities are an important part of higher education in China. The discipline as the core element of higher education is the basic...

Authors: Xiao Guang Xue, Yan Xiong, Xu Chao Song

Abstract: current research on earthquake damage assessment summarizes In this paper,the composition of the input-output tables and internal relations...

Authors: Xiu Li Han, Chang Cun Li, Li Na Liu

Abstract: The chemical component, mineral composition and dissemination characteristics of Xuanhua iron ore are researched systematically. The result...

Authors: Bao Feng Li, Jing Guo Qu, Pu Yu Hao

Abstract: In this paper, using the relevant data of 34 teaching staffs who participate in the academic title evaluation of associate professor in...

Authors: Dong Hua Wang, Yu Huan Cui, Pu Yu Hao

Abstract: In this paper, a class of higher-order neutral delay difference equations is investigated. Some sufficient condition of the asymptotic...

Authors: Pu Yu Hao, Bao Feng Li, Yu Huan Cui

Abstract: To one company, it takes 8 major economic indicators as evaluation indexes. Firstly, it uses correlation method to determine the weight and...

Authors: Hai Yan Fan

Abstract: The particle system has unique advantages on the stimulation of the natural phenomena of rain, snow, flowing water and dust, physical...

Authors: Yu Fen Feng

Abstract: Research on real time dynamic water surface is a hotspot in the study of virtual reality with very broad application prospect. With the...

Authors: Chun Bo Bi

Abstract: In order to decrease the cost of polishing putty, the interrelations between talcum powder as the filler and KH550, KH560, or silane...

Authors: Shao Yan Cui, Peng Xie

Abstract: The stability of resistive wall mode is studied in cylindrical plasma confined by surface current, which is Dirac -function distribution....


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