Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hui Zhong, Yu Ling Zhai, Yun Jun Gou

Abstract: The airflow change in cold storage were simulated by FLUENT under following three conditions, pre-cooling, stop to defrost and switch cold...

Authors: Cao Bing, Cui Nan, Wu Yang

Abstract: In this thesis,a series of oxidation experiments on galena are conducted under different condition such as pH is 2,temperature is 50°C and...

Authors: Li Mei Bai, Ying Chun Wang, Shu Juan Dai, Fu Sheng Niu

Abstract: With the development of Network technology and multimedia, applying network to teaching and developing education and research services on...

Authors: Jun Yan, Chang You Jiang, Sai Nan Chen, Ju Zhang

Abstract: Urban rain-flood disasters become more ordinary and serious recently under global warming and unreasonable exploitation. Summed up the...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Wei Wei Su, Yi Ming Chen

Abstract: Delay-dependent robust stability of neural networks with discrete and distributed delays is considered in this paper. Stability criteria are...

Authors: Wei Tong, Li Ping Qin

Abstract: The neural network has been introduced into the studies of credit risk assessment. However, the ratio of the dataset for training and...

Authors: Feng Jiu Li

Abstract: The fine oolitic hematite ore (<20μm) is easily covered by the ore slime, therefore, it is processed very difficultly with traditional...

Authors: L. Yuan, Tao Xu, Q. Xu

Abstract: Spallation of concrete under dynamic loading has been the hot issue of concern about civil engineering structures and protective...

Authors: Chun Hua Ju, Zhao Qian Shuai

Abstract: Business data streams are dynamic and easy to drift, extract concept-drifting feature is one important work of data streams mining. This...

Authors: Yu Su, Zhuo Wang, Ya Dong Bian, Yan Bo Peng

Abstract: With transformation of medical model and development of medical and health service, nurses often appear the phenomenon of job burnout....


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