Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Quan Cai, Fu Lai Cheng

Abstract: The traditional threshold signature scheme is a combination of the digital signature scheme and the secret sharing scheme. Any group of t...

Authors: Nan Ji, Jie Zhang, Yan Gao

Abstract: This article sets up mathematic model for the traffic circle to determine how best to control traffic flow. In order to make the traffic at...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Li Bin Zhao, Jian Yu Zhang, Bang Cheng Han

Abstract: 3D finite element models of magnetic suspended control moment gyroscope structure are established by general finite element analysis...

Authors: Hong Mei Yang, Chun Ying Zhang, Rui Tao Liang, Fang Tian

Abstract: Through the study on social network information, this paper explore that there exists the certain and uncertain phenomena in the process of...

Authors: Yan Min Zhao, Zhi Jun Wu, Jian Fu Zhang, Ping Fa Feng, Ding Wen Yu

Abstract: Stiffness analysis plays an important role in the optimization of the machine tool. By analyzing the static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and...

Authors: Yang Wei Wang, Zhen Long Wang, Jian Li, Fei Gao

Abstract: An experimental biomimetic water-jetting propulsion vehicle for robot cuttlefish is presented. Firstly the cuttlefish swimming mode and...

Authors: Li Dong Wang, Dian Xuan Gong, Xin Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of the semantic web, determining the degree of similarity between concepts from same or different ontologies...

Authors: S.Q. Liu, L.Y. Zhang

Abstract: The dialectical relationship between disaster emergency logistics (DEL) resources and DEL needs shows that DEL tasks are rooted in DEL...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, C. Guo, J. Li, Y.W. Wang, Zhen Long Wang

Abstract: According to the principle of muscular hydrostats, a flexible biomimetic octopus arm is put forward firstly. The method of vector control...

Authors: Mohammad Zehsaz, Farid Vakili Tahami, Yasser Ashraf Gandomi

Abstract: Conical shells are often joined to cylindrical shells and under internal pressure, the intersection between the large end of a cone and a...


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