Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Zhou, Jian Hui Wu, Guo Li Wang, Yu Su, Guo Bin Zhang

Abstract: To establish the model of hospitalization cost in patients with cerebral infarction based on neural network using artificial network...

Authors: Sheng Lian Dong, Jia Zhao, Qing Wen Wu

Abstract: In order to understand the scientific research ability of clinical teachers guiding nursing undergraduates in teaching hospitals, 221...

Authors: Hui Lan Li, Lei Zhou, Chun Ling Sun

Abstract: Owing to the income gap between urban and rural, east and west, within and outside the system caused by the dual economy of our society, and...

Authors: Jian Hui Wu, Guo Li Wang, Jing Wang, Yu Su

Abstract: The BP neural network is the important component of artificial neural networks, and gradually becomes a branch of the computation...

Authors: Jian Hui Wu, Guo Li Wang, Xiao Ming Li, Su Feng Yin

Abstract: Collecting violence cases for medical personnel from different levels of the hospital of Tangshan, we create a model for influential factors...

Authors: Guo Li Wang, Jian Hui Wu, Ting Li, Xiao Ming Li

Abstract: Collected 2218 medical records of cerebral infarction patients from 2007 to 2008 in a third-class hospital in Tang Shan as sample. A...

Authors: Su Feng Yin, Jian Hui Wu, Xiao Jing Wang, Sha Li

Abstract: Case records of inpatients in a hospital in Tangshan in 2007 and 2008 are chosen for factor analysis. This paper aims at finding the latent...

Authors: Jing Wang, Guo Li Wang, Jian Hui Wu, Yu Su

Abstract: Artificial neural network is based on human brain structure and operational mechanism based on knowledge and understanding of its structure...

Authors: Li Qun Yu, Xiao Xia Tang, Jian Hui Wu, Shi Chen

Abstract: To understand the prevalence of workplace violence of the state-owned hospitals and private hospitals and to compare the characteristics of...

Authors: Li Cheng Yan, Yan Shu Zhang, Lin Yao, Hou Jun Xu

Abstract: The aim of the current study is to figure out the relationship between the oxidative damage in cardiovascular system and lead exposure....


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