Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Yong Zhang, Tie Yi Zhong, Ke Jian Chen, Yun Kang Gong

Abstract: In this paper, based on the finite element program ANSYS, the model of a simply supported railway bridge with and without isolation using...

Authors: Yuan Qing Xu, Tie Yi Zhong, Wen Gang Ji, Xu Li

Abstract: Based on the finite element program SAP2000, 120 models of eight different piers with different lead-rubber bearings (LRB) are established....

Authors: Nai Bao He, Qian Gao

Abstract: Based on coordinate transform, the paper deduced the principle with which Chua’s chaotic system can be translated into the so-called general...

Authors: Zhen Qiang Ni, Ji Ming Kong, A. Fayou

Abstract: Deformation instability of slope due to rain was one of the most common geological disasters. Speaking from the mechanism, the destructive...

Authors: Zheng Wei Gu, Tie Yi Zhong, Ming Bo Zhang, Kun Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the impacts of environmental vibration on precision instruments as well as the vibration allowances of precision instruments...

Authors: K. Jahani, A.S. Nobari

Abstract: In this paper, the performance of modal based decoupling method in structural joint identification is investigated. This method does not...

Authors: Yan Kun Li

Abstract: For the subjectivity of attribute value in the fuzzy attribute information system, this paper proposes a construction method of fuzzy...

Authors: Tie Yi Zhong, Chao Yi Xia, Feng Li Yang

Abstract: Based on optimization theories, considering soil-structure interaction and running safety, the optimal design model of the seismic isolation...

Authors: Jian Jun Liu, Yu Fu Ning

Abstract: Based on uncertainty theory, this paper proposes a method that constructs and analyzes fault tree. In this paper, it would be characterized...

Authors: Xu Hua Cao, Fu Zhong Wang

Abstract: For the stored data of E-commerce platform and modern logistics management system, which is very difficult to form knowledge’s continuity...


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