Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Xia Rong

Abstract: This paper provides chance-constrained programming EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) model for inventory based on uncertain measure. In the...

Authors: Yao Wu, Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro

Abstract: Macao managed for over 400 years to develop Iberian characteristics in the city together with the Chinese characteristics; it has formed an...

Authors: Yan Zhu, Shu Lin Wang

Abstract: Considering that impact motion is not only a function of time but also dependent on phase-angle, we suppose the non-linear response of the...

Authors: Wen Jun Xiao, Shi Zhong Jiang, Guan Rong Chen

Abstract: It is now well known that many large-sized complex networks obey a scale-free power-law vertex-degree distribution. Here, we show that when...

Authors: Wei Chang Feng

Abstract: E-Yuan Home multimedia system is used to help user to enjoy, search and integrate the plenty of multimedia resource on the internet. It used...

Authors: Jian Min Xing

Abstract: Some properties of strong Ding projective ,injective and flat modules are studied and some connections between strong Ding projective...

Authors: Jin Peng Wang, Bao Xiang Liu, Zhen Dong Li, Li Chao Feng

Abstract: Concept lattice and rough set are powerful tools for data analyzing and processing, has been successfully applied to many fields. However,...

Authors: Qiu Ying Lu, Wei Peng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we are concerned with the existence of positive solutions for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem of the nth-order delay di...

Authors: Shi Fang Yuan, Han Dong Cao

Abstract: In this paper, by using the Kronecker product of matrices and the complex representation of quaternion matrices, we discuss the special...

Authors: K.H. Zhang, Guo Feng Wang, Shuang Lu

Abstract: In order to search for an ideal method to measure the acoustic field, the staining method was studied. First of all, the experiment device...


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