Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Zhu Zhang, Yong Min Lu

Abstract: In view of the facts that the road network is damaged after disaster, this study made an intensive study of how to make the road repair...

Authors: Dong Ying Liang, Wei Kun Zheng

Abstract: This paper puts forward an agent genetic algorithm based on bacteria foraging strategy (BFOA-L) as the feature selection method. The...

Authors: Ji Liang Liu, Zheng Zhong Wang, Xing Fang, Han Mei Fang

Abstract: The failures of the low head radial gates for hydraulic structures are commonly caused by the dynamic instability of arms (struts) under...

Authors: Ming Sheng He, Gui Ju Shi, Jun Wei Zheng

Abstract: Multi-functional Vibration-absorption Structure to Enclosing Wall (MVEW) is a new type of vibration absorption technology. In the structure,...

Authors: Ming Sheng He, Jun Wei Zheng, Gui Ju Shi

Abstract: Enclosure wall multi-functional vibration-absorption structures (MVEW) is a new style of damping structure, it integrates the merits of...

Authors: Wang Sen Lan, Guo Hao Zhao, Li Jun Hou

Abstract: In order to explore interactions among stocks, a weighted complex network was modeled, whose nodes were stocks, connection between nodes was...

Authors: Nan Hong Ding, Li Xia Lin, Wei Hua Liao

Abstract: A single moving mass-spring-damper model is adopted to simulate the vehicle model. The equation of vehicle-bridge coupling vibration is...

Authors: Jun Zhou

Abstract: Fundamental matrix estimation is a central problem in computer vision and forms the basis of tasks such as stereo imaging and structure from...

Authors: Jian Li Cao, Xiu Lan Guo

Abstract: Chasing problem is not only a common problem in reality including the classical Turtle Rabbit Race problem, but also a representative...

Authors: Lin Ning Gu, Nan Chen

Abstract: This paper develops a model of structural-acoustic coupled system of a rectangular enclosure involving two simply supported flexible plates....


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