Intelligent Structure and Vibration Control

Volumes 50-51

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Hui Wei, Yong Zhen Zhang, Yue Chen

Abstract: The influence of DC steady magnetic field on dry-sliding friction and wear characteristics of friction pair of high-speed steel (HSS) ring /...

Authors: Hai Ning Wang, Shou Qian Sun, Bo Liu

Abstract: In this paper, for the problems of low convergence rate and getting trapped in local optima easily, the average path similarity (APS) was...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Yun Xia Pei

Abstract: Resource management model was presented based on cloud computing using virtualization technologies. According to this strategy, a resource...

Authors: Bo Liu, Hai Ning Wang

Abstract: In order to solve the low automatic degree and poor quality of extract production to traditional Chinese medicine, a new automatic...

Authors: Dong Liu, Huai Ying Wang, Hong Hai Xu, Chao Ying Zhang

Abstract: The Composites are difficult machining materials which widely used in aerospace industry due to their excellent mechanical properties. Tool...

Authors: Li Bo Cheng

Abstract: Wavelet analysis has many applications in scientific areas such as computer graphics, image processing, numerical algorithms and signal...

Authors: Feng Cui

Abstract: The q-analogue of the derivative operator is playing a more and more important role in mathematics and physics. Moreover, the divided...

Authors: Min Lin, Xiang Wei Zhang, Si Yuan Cheng

Abstract: In order to provide the research of virtual prototype a complex 3-D virtual road environment based on a new method,a 3-D Pseudo Excitation...

Authors: Mao Yan Fang, Min Le Wang, Yi Ming Bi

Abstract: The No Balance Assignment Problem (NBAP) is mainly resolved by changing it into Balance Assignment Problem (BAP) and using classical...

Authors: Ning Li, Jing Jiang, Wen Feng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we consider Hermitian and skew-Hermitian solutions to a certain matrix equation over quaternion algebra H. Necessary and...


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