Fear Enabled Security System Using Spectroscopy, Sensing & Imaging


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Crime rates especially atrocities involving women have been ever increasing. Even in the presence of technologies like cell phones, tablets; people can hardly make use of them in their hour of need to prevent or at least halt misfortunes because of the promptness which such situations demands. This paper proposes a solution for maximizing the usage of technology in preventing crimes such as rape through the development of an automated system that will be able to gauge fear of a prospective victim and click pictures of the prospective criminal (s) and send them along with GPS coordinates or location information to the nearest police station and the relatives of the prospective victim. The proposed system can also be useful in aiding anti-theft systems in houses and stores.



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D.L. Liu, X.B. Zhu, K.L. Xu and D.M. Fang




B. Dutta, "Fear Enabled Security System Using Spectroscopy, Sensing & Imaging", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 513-517, pp. 3411-3413, 2014

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February 2014





* - Corresponding Author

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