Improvement of Volume Stability in Core Concrete of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube


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Due to the concrete self-shrinkage, frequent load application and temperature fluctuation, and so on,the gap formed between the inner tube wall and the core concrete surfaces would decrease the performance of concrete-filled steel tube (CFST). To prevent this cavity problem, various types of expansive agents and aggregates were used in this study to improve the volume stability of core concrete. Comparative experiments with mortars and concrete were carried out respectively under standard curing condition and under enclosed curing condition which simulated the environment in steel tube. The results could be summarized as follows: ● Two types of expansive agents, ZY type expansive agent mainly containing sulfates and aluminates and M type expansive agent mainly containing magnesium oxide, presented different expansive behaviors with curing ages in mortar and concrete. Two types of expansive agents combined with each other could produce complementary and superimposition effects to improve continuously the volume stability of mortar and concrete. ● Sufficient water supply is the key factor for the formation and maintenance of expansion. The volume change caused by the self-shrinkage effect of core concrete could not be effectively off-set with whether two types expansive agents or their compounds under enclosed environment in which water was scarce and could not be supplied from outside. ● When some water-saturated ceramsite were used to partially replace aggregates in core concrete,the volume expansion performance of core concrete improved dramatically with the water storage and supply effects of water-saturated ceramsite.



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Zhou Mark






D. B. Yang et al., "Improvement of Volume Stability in Core Concrete of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 52-54, pp. 1097-1106, 2011

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March 2011




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