Study on Shear Rheological Behavior of Konjac Glucomannan


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Konjac glucomannan (KGM) belongs to pseudoplastic fluid. Remarkable non-linear change tendencies of shear rheological behavior of KGM were detected through analysis of the correlation of viscosity (η)-shear rates and shear stress-shear rates respectively, and its shear rheological curves conformed to the Power Law (τ=KDn). The change tendencies of viscosity factor (K) and flow index (n) correlated with concentration and temperature were also obtained, the curves can be fitted by power and quadratic polynomial equation respectively. The acquired non-linear correlation curves of K and n can provide reliable foundation for rational applications of KGM in food industry and its grade estimation.



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Zhou Mark






C. Wang et al., "Study on Shear Rheological Behavior of Konjac Glucomannan", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 52-54, pp. 1332-1335, 2011

Online since:

March 2011




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