Milling Machine Design Based on Open CNC System


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Completed structure of milling machine design based on open CNC system through the combination of multi-axis motion controller and the way of NC embedded PC. The traditional CNC milling machine combined with technology of many aspects of Precision machinery, electronics, electric drive, automatic control, automatic detection, and computer and so on. High-precision high efficiency and high flexibility of the CNC milling machine makes it has more widely applications. But there are some problems, for example, based on the traditional CNC milling system for work-piece processing is also not very convenient, and traditional CNC system must be G code programming first, then process work-piece, in addition, as the closed nature of traditional CNC systems, products of hardware and software of the CNC manufacturers are not compatible, and system’s training and maintenance costs much, we put forward the open CNC system, then we start to research and analysis the Milling Machine Design Based On Open CNC System.



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Zhou Mark






S. K. Cao et al., "Milling Machine Design Based on Open CNC System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 52-54, pp. 887-892, 2011

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March 2011




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