Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics II

Volume 527

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Zhang

Abstract: An example of horizontal cracks on the surface of reinforced concrete side-columns is presented. Based on the finite element analysis , a...

Authors: Zhao Jun Zhang, Xiao Ming Wang, Wen Bin Li

Abstract: Algorithms for generating and distributing random 3D sphere coarse aggregates were proposed. The 3D finite element mesoscale concrete model,...

Authors: Xuan Liu, Ze Liu, Pu Sun, Ya Rong Wang, Ying Wu

Abstract: Nanowelding system is set up to investigate the welding process of nickel electrodes to single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) with...

Authors: Li Ping Li, Hong Sheng Tan, Yu Fei Liu, Zhe Xing Tan, Xue Jing Liu

Abstract: Composites of continuous glass fiber reinforced impact polypropylene copolymer (IPC) were prepared by using a cross-head impregnation mold...

Authors: Xu Hui Shao

Abstract: According to the principle of internet integration systems, the accurate interactive TV equipment is designed. On the basis of establishing...

Authors: Hong Mei Liu, Lan Min Wang, Peng Gao

Abstract: Natural deposit of loess has large pores and weak cementation, resulting weak shear strength and large deformation under external stress,...

Authors: Ding Zeng, Bao Hong Hao, Qi Hui Zeng

Abstract: Corrosion of reinforcement is one of the most important factors in causing the damage to reinforced concrete structure and the inestimable...

Authors: Ziad Bin Abdul Awal, Mohd Shariff bin Ammoo

Abstract: The aerodynamics of the helicopter rotor is one of the most elating and exigent tribulations faced by the aerodynamicists today. Study...

Authors: Xue Jiao Xiao, Chang Nyung Kim

Abstract: This numerical study examines a three-dimensional liquid-metal magnetohydrodynamic flow in a hairpin-shaped electrically-conducting duct...


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