Comparative Study of Motion Control Card Based on NI PXIe and cRIO Platform for Three-Axis Turntable


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In this paper, the Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) and reducer are used to drive each axis of three-axis turntable. In real-time servo control systems, the position loop parameters are designated by the software CME2, and the frequency band of the middle frame with the specified amplitude can be measured. Then, the drive model is alternated to the velocity loop, and two frequency bands will be got by using the controller of NI PXI-7344 and NI 9514 separately. The reason why the three frequency bands are different can be given by analyzing the data of the three sweep tests. In addition, both advantages and disadvantages of two NI motion controllers are illustrated. Finally, the paper points out the new motion control solutions to improve the performance of the servo system by autonomous intelligent control algorithm.



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Abdel Hamid Ismail Mourad and József Kázmér Tar




G. D. Liu et al., "Comparative Study of Motion Control Card Based on NI PXIe and cRIO Platform for Three-Axis Turntable", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 527, pp. 213-217, 2014

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February 2014




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