The Mechanical Properties of Cement Reinforced Loess and Pore Microstructure Characteristics


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Natural deposit of loess has large pores and weak cementation, resulting weak shear strength and large deformation under external stress, which is the major engineering problem of the loess ground. By adding suitable amount of ordinary Portland cement to treat the loess can increase the shear strength to meet the needs of ground safety. In this study, triaxial test is carried out to evaluate improvement of the unconfined compressive strength and shear strength of loess after adding certain amount of Portland cement, also by scanning electron microscope observation and analysis of SEM images using image processing system, it is found that the cement improved microstructure of loess, increased clay content and enhanced cementation, thus increased the shear strength.



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Abdel Hamid Ismail Mourad and József Kázmér Tar




H. M. Liu et al., "The Mechanical Properties of Cement Reinforced Loess and Pore Microstructure Characteristics", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 527, pp. 25-30, 2014

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February 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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