High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Current-Loop Sampling System Design for Three-Axis Turntable


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Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is adopted in the driving of a three-axis turntable. A high-speed current sampling system plays a vital role in intelligent control. This article firstly describes the working principle of a triple-closed-loop regulation system and emphatically dissects the characteristic of the current-loop among speed-loop and position-loop. Secondly, a signal acquisition-alignment circuit of three phases’ current and voltage is designed. Based on ADS8365, a scheme of high-speed current loop’s precise and synchronous sampling system is provided. Finally, experimental results have proved the validity and practicality of the scheme applied in the control of three-axis turntable.



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Abdel Hamid Ismail Mourad and József Kázmér Tar




G. D. Liu et al., "High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Current-Loop Sampling System Design for Three-Axis Turntable", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 527, pp. 252-258, 2014

Online since:

February 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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