Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics II

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Authors: Sheng Hai Hu, Hong Guang Wang, Ting Ting Xie, Tian Shi Sun
Abstract: A new type of metamorphic kinematic pair is designed according to the traditional kinematic pair, and further a novel parallel metamorphic cutting mechanism is designed. Based on screw system theory the constraints of structure branched chain on the end of the moving platform are analyzed before and after transformation, and then the degrees of freedom of the novel parallel metamorphic cutting mechanism is calculated, and the exact axis that the mechanism rotates across can also be obtained.
Authors: Yang Hua Li, Bo Mo, Jie Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, Newton's laws of motion and momentum theorem are the theoretical basis. The equations of motion in the vertical plane are the calculation basis. In order to get the ballistic and numerical solution of motion parameters of the missile, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to solve the missile Trajectory. Firstly, this paper builds the trajectory model of missile in vertical plane. Secondly, this paper chooses missile control method. Thirdly, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to verify the correctness. And to further analyze the law of motion parameters changed with time.
Authors: Hai Peng Zhang, Xin Gang Chen, Chen Yang Ao, Wen Chao Gong
Abstract: To reduce the impact of shaft-rate electric field (SRE) on the concealment of the ship, The electric field immunity test is simulated with the laboratory scale model ship based on the analysis of the energy source of SRE. Experimental results show that the ship SRE can be suppressed effectively by the system, and the concealment of the ship is enhanced.
Authors: Hai Wei Wei, Yu Wang, Qiang Gao
Abstract: People have paid more and more attention to green production and environmental protection along with the gradually improved of the productivity level and the increasing of the production conditions. As the widely used of the hand-held electric tools like electric angle grinder and electric drill in the daily production, the environment around will be influent by the vibration and noise of the surface of the electric tool when using the electric tools .Therefore, it is very important to analyze the vibration performance of the whole electric tool. In this paper, the finite element method is used for modal analysis. A vibration response experiment of the same electric tool working under no-loading condition is done to obtain the time-history acceleration response. A conclusion is obtained that the first order natural modal and the fifth order natural modal are motivated when electric tool working under no-loading condition.
Authors: Liu Zhang
Abstract: This paper presents an efficient quadratic conversion architecture for real-time wideband DDC, it can move IF signal to baseband in two steps. Firstly, IF signal is moved to baseband nearby with the help of an structure based on polyphase filter, which places mixers after polyphase filters. Then, the signal is moved to baseband through conventional orthogonal frequency mixing. This presented architecture can reduce filter resources and effectively reduce the sample rate and process cost. Finally, simulation results are presented to illustrate the validity of the new structure.
Authors: Wei Feng Zhang, Fu Xia Zhang, Ying Jie Lv, Feng Feng Bao
Abstract: Agricultural V-belt fatigue testing machine is a kind of testing equipment developed based on the service condition of the agricultural V-belt, for the detection of fatigue performance of agricultural V-belt. The paper firstly analyzes the transmission principle, loading mode and testing parameters of the agricultural V-belt fatigue testing machine, and then introduces its basic principle, detection parameters and the main structural features, based on which the fatigue performance of the agricultural V-belt is tested and perfectly checked by the testing result. The study is to improve the testing equipment and testing methods for testing the fatigue performance of our national agricultural V-belt, to enhance the overall testing ability in China's agricultural machinery industry and to guide the production and use of agricultural V-belts.
Authors: Yun Xiao Shan
Abstract: The article has been discussed that it adopts step-by-step electric motor to come to auto-control through reforming the carrier and the objective lens£¬the design of the image acquisition device£¬adjustment mechanism of the Imaging lens is designed by adding the step-by-step electric motor pretending to realize high focusing accuracy and brings forward innovation design about the auto alignment device in micro field of view. This project aims to improve the ordinary microscopes and develop the digital acquisition system of the microscopic image which can accurately acquire the image information. It also can be wildly used in areas such as biomedicine, materials science, research experiments and so on.
Authors: Hai Peng Zhang, Xin Gang Chen, Chen Yang Ao, Zhong Peng Sun
Abstract: To reduce the impact of shaft-rate electric field (SRE) on the concealment of the ship, the ship SRE real-time suppression is proposed based on the compensated negative potential and the real-time close-loop system for the ship SRE suppression is designed and realized£¬which greatly promoted the development of ship SRE suppression technique.
Authors: Bashra Kadhim Oleiwi, Hubert Roth, Bahaa I. Kazem
Abstract: In this study, we developed an Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) - Genetic Algorithm (GA) hybrid approach for solving the Multi objectives Optimization global path planning (MOPP) problem of mobile robot. The ACO optimization algorithm is used to find the sub-optimal collision free path which then used as initial population for GA. In the proposed modified genetic algorithms, specific genetic operator such as deletion operator is proposed, which is based on domain heuristic knowledge, to fit the optimum path planning for mobile robots. The objective of this study is improving GA performance for efficient and fast selection in generating the Multi objective optimal path for mobile robot navigation in static environment. First we used the proposed approach to evaluate its ability to solve single objective problem in length term as well as we compared it with traditional ACO and simple GA then we extended to solve Pareto optimality ideas based on three criteria: length, smoothness and security, and making it Multi objective Hybrid approach. The proposed approach is tested to generate the single and multi objective optimal collision free path. The simulation results show that the mobile robot travels successfully from one location to another and reaches its goal after avoiding all obstacles that are located in its way in all tested environment and indicate that the proposed approach is accurate and can find a set Pareto optimal solution efficiently in a single run.
Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, Bo Tang, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: In this paper, the Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) and reducer are used to drive each axis of three-axis turntable. In real-time servo control systems, the position loop parameters are designated by the software CME2, and the frequency band of the middle frame with the specified amplitude can be measured. Then, the drive model is alternated to the velocity loop, and two frequency bands will be got by using the controller of NI PXI-7344 and NI 9514 separately. The reason why the three frequency bands are different can be given by analyzing the data of the three sweep tests. In addition, both advantages and disadvantages of two NI motion controllers are illustrated. Finally, the paper points out the new motion control solutions to improve the performance of the servo system by autonomous intelligent control algorithm.

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