Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics III

Volume 532

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jae Heon Jeong, Myeong Hyeon Kim, Si Woong Woo, Da Hoon Ahn, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: This paper presents design of micro stage performing 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) motions, which actuated by voice coil motor (VCM). The VCMs...

Authors: Qi Fei Wang, Xing Song Wang, Yu Liang Mao

Abstract: This paper implements embedded PLC programming control system for CNC forging equipment. The control system is based on Windows XP platform,...

Authors: Wei Zheng, Xue Feng Yao, Jing Shi Dong, Bo Da Wu

Abstract: The conventional solution proportioner, which is costly and bulky with complex mechanical structure, cant meet the current requirements of...

Authors: Xiao Hong Wang, Qiu Xi Li, Ya Li Feng

Abstract: This paper selected the double nozzle flapper type electro-hydraulic servo valve as the research object. Through to analys the wear failure...

Authors: Xin Zheng, Xing Song Wang, Yu Liang Mao

Abstract: This paper introduces an intelligent mower with directional navigation features. This kind of mower uses electronic compass made by MEMS...

Authors: Yue Ying Zhu, Jiang Feng Mou

Abstract: The power performance of the Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive used in electric vehicles is very important for improving the dynamic...

Authors: Jia Xi Liu, Peng Cheng Du, Li Yi Li

Abstract: This paper presents a novel method to estimate the rotor position based on the linear flux. Firstly, Interior Permanent Magnetic Synchronous...

Authors: Dong Xu Zhu, Gang Fu, Qian He

Abstract: Shipboard antenna tracking servo system uses dual-motor technology to overcome the anti-backlash backlash nonlinear transmission system, but...

Authors: Myung Jin Chung

Abstract: Analytic model of electromagnetic linear actuator in the function of electric and geometric parameters is proposed and the effects of the...


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