Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics III

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Authors: Jae Heon Jeong, Myeong Hyeon Kim, Si Woong Woo, Da Hoon Ahn, Dong Pyo Hong
Abstract: This paper presents design of micro stage performing 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) motions, which actuated by voice coil motor (VCM). The VCMs generate forces to perform in-plane motions and out-of-plane motions. The stage is supported by springs for compensating mass of the moving part of the stage and the stiffness of the springs has been chosen to meet the moving range requirement and to have high resonant frequency at the same time. Moving magnet type has been selected against moving coil type due to few merits of the type. The size of the stage is 380 X 380 X 60 mm3 and the motions are measured by laser interferometer and gap sensors.
Authors: Qi Fei Wang, Xing Song Wang, Yu Liang Mao
Abstract: This paper implements embedded PLC programming control system for CNC forging equipment. The control system is based on Windows XP platform, using Visual Studio integrated development environment. The PC programming features include function block (FB), ladder diagram (LD) and instruction list (IL) language. And this paper elaborates the data structure of three kinds of programming languages and implements the loading process of program. After experimental verification, the control system realized the programming control system for users, and provided a good foundation for further explanation of the follow-up program.
Authors: Wei Zheng, Xue Feng Yao, Jing Shi Dong, Bo Da Wu
Abstract: The conventional solution proportioner, which is costly and bulky with complex mechanical structure, cant meet the current requirements of the apparatus, such as miniaturization, high reliability and accuracy. Based on the piezoelectric actuation technique, this paper proposed and developed a solution proportioning technique of large dilution ratio. And on the basis of this technology we produced a physical prototype, in which piezoelectric vibrators are used as the main power units and control parts because piezoelectric vibrators are featured with low cost, compact volume, simple structure, non-pollution and others. The physical prototype can be used to dilute various sample solutions of various proportions for one or more times.
Authors: Xiao Hong Wang, Qiu Xi Li, Ya Li Feng
Abstract: This paper selected the double nozzle flapper type electro-hydraulic servo valve as the research object. Through to analys the wear failure mechanism of electro-hydraulic servo valve to determine the test stress and to select the Pressure gain and leakage as the Degradation performance indicators. So it makes the detail Accelerated degradation test project . and it designs a test system for the pollution wear test. Then, by modeling the degradation process as a drift Brown Motion of which the first passage time follow inverse Gaussian distribution, this paper generated the reliability model of the electro-hydraulic servo valve. Finally, the maximum likelihood combined with least square of accelerated degradation testing data is used to estimate the degradation data of leakage from the test.
Authors: Xin Zheng, Xing Song Wang, Yu Liang Mao
Abstract: This paper introduces an intelligent mower with directional navigation features. This kind of mower uses electronic compass made by MEMS magnetoresistive sensor and three-axis acceleration sensor with high precision tilt compensation function. This paper also describes the advantages and applications of this kind of mower, as well as electronic compass measurement principle, system design and software algorithms, and electronic compass error analysis and elimination. This cost-effective system can be normally used in the field of intelligent mowers.
Authors: Yue Ying Zhu, Jiang Feng Mou
Abstract: The power performance of the Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive used in electric vehicles is very important for improving the dynamic performance of the vehicle and matching the parameters of the vehicle power train. In order to analyses the drive performance of the SRM drive under the electric vehicle, the nonlinear dynamic model of the SRM drive is established in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. Then the vehicle dynamic load model is designed to connect with the SRM drive model, and the performance analysis of the SRM used in the developing electric vehicle is carried out based on power output and equivalent power factor. The analysis results are significant for the design and improvement of the electric vehicle.
Authors: Jia Xi Liu, Peng Cheng Du, Li Yi Li
Abstract: This paper presents a novel method to estimate the rotor position based on the linear flux. Firstly, Interior Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor(IPMSM) mathematics model is established in the stationary frame based on linear flux, and rotor position is estimated by the extended state sliding mode observer. Secondly, the second order non-singular terminal sliding mode control is put forward to substitute for linear sliding mode in combination with the advantages of the high order sliding mode and non-singular terminal sliding mode due to the low converging speed of linear sliding mode and chatting. The stability of observer is proved by Lyapunov theory and the adaptive of sliding mode gain matrix is obtained. Thirdly, the effect of varieties of stator resistance and q-axis inductance on sliding mode observer estimated flux amplitude and phase is analyzed quantitatively. Rotor position and speed are obtained by PLL. Finally, the simulation and the experimental platform of sensorless IPMSM full-digital vector control system are designed. The experiment results prove the correctness and feasibility of this algorithm mentioned in the dissertation
Authors: Dong Xu Zhu, Gang Fu, Qian He
Abstract: Shipboard antenna tracking servo system uses dual-motor technology to overcome the anti-backlash backlash nonlinear transmission system, but when the load torque change quickly or commute, there will be two the motors case through the backlash or one motor at a faster speed bumps tooth surface phenomenon, thereby causing oscillation of the antenna load. Based on the established system model includes aspects of backlash on the system, the amplitude-frequency characteristic analysis, the first, with the increase in the width of the backlash, reduced bandwidth of the system, corresponding to a slower response systems, the more severe the delay, backlash when the end of the second drive, the driven part produced by the collision velocity inconsistent with increasing width of the backlash. the larger of speed control difference of PID becomes, the more serious such a collision. Resulting in the oscillation is possibility, the bandwidth of the system becomes narrow in the amplitude-frequency characteristic diagram.
Authors: Myung Jin Chung
Abstract: Analytic model of electromagnetic linear actuator in the function of electric and geometric parameters is proposed and the effects of the design parameters on the dynamic characteristics are analyzed. To improve the dynamic characteristics, optimal design is conducted by applying sequential quadratic programming method to the analytic model. This optimal design method aims to minimize the response time and maximize force efficiency. By this procedure, electromagnetic linear actuator having high-speed characteristics is developed.

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