Adaptive Impedance Control for a Tendon-Sheath-Driven Compliant Gripper


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This paper investigates the feasibility of adaptive impedance control scheme for compliant gripper. A compliant gripper was designed for manipulation tasks requiring precision position and force control. The gripper is actuated by tendon-sheath transmission system and use strain gages to measure both the displacement and gripping force. Position based impedance control is used to control the contact force to made the gripper more compliantly. Due to the nonlinear of the structure; it is difficult to establish the mathematic model and kinematical equations. Therefore, combine model reference adaptive control strategy with impedance control to realize the soft control of the compliant gripper.



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Katsuyuki Kida




K. Wang and X. S. Wang, "Adaptive Impedance Control for a Tendon-Sheath-Driven Compliant Gripper", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 532, pp. 74-77, 2014

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February 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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