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Authors: Wen Xue Qian, Xiao Wei Yin, Li Yang Xie
Abstract: Mode analysis is important for slide vane compressor stator. Because of period force may set up resonance in the stator. In this paper, the stress distributions and vibration modes of stator of sliding vane compressor were studied through finite element method (FEM). The first-order vibration mode to five-order vibration mode of stator were computed. The results showed that the resonance frequencies are much larger than the working frequency. It is significant for sliding vane compressor design, fatigue life prediction and reliability assessment.
Authors: Jun Liu, Fang Zhi Lin, Zi Yan Huang, Bin He
Abstract: Base on current status of rural residential roofs in northeast China, in order to improve and ensure the qualities, safety and functions of flat roofs in this region, this paper first put forward the “rural secure flat roof”, then according to the weather characteristic and the needs of residents, proceeded the construction design of rural secure flat roof. Finally established the comprehensive evaluation system and used VRS model to evaluate several common roofing insulation materials. Results show that hydrophobic expanded perlite, rock wool and glass wool can be the ideal roofing insulation materials. The research on construction design and material evaluation is significant on promoting the functions and safety of rural residence.
Authors: Yu Yu Zuo
Abstract: As aircraft became more complex a need was created for a power source to operate the aircraft systems on the ground without the necessity for operating the aircrafts main engines. This became the task of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). The use of an APU on an aircraft also meant that the aircraft was not dependant on ground support equipment at an airfield. It can provide the necessary power for operation of the aircrafts Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems. It should come as no surprise that the power unit selected to do this task is a Gas Turbine Engine.
Authors: De Hai Chen, Ming Hu Jiang, Li Xin Zhao, Yong Zhang
Abstract: The flow field of gas-liquid-solid three-phase hydrocyclone was analyzed by using the software FLUNET. We have researched different structural parameters on the effect of degassing and degritting. The result shows that the change of inverted cone length ratio, inverted cone diameter, the form of liquid outlet hole structure and the angle of vent structure have some influence on degassing and degritting. Simulation results provides a good technical support for the optimization design of three-phase hydrocyclone structure.
Authors: Hong Bin Liu, Lei Zhang, Yong Sheng Shi
Abstract: Based on the finite element method of explicit dynamics and contact dynamics mechanics, a three dimensional solid finite element model was developed introducing physical elements for tapered roller bearing. The dynamic process numerical simulation of tapered roller bearing was carried out in ABAQUS. The vibration curves of the nodes on roller were drew. The changes of contact stress and contact stress distribution of rings, rollers and the cage in the process were analyzed. The results show it is basically consistent with the actual movement of rolling bearings.
Authors: Fu Shen Sheng, Jie Hua Hu
Abstract: Drag rope is a kind of soft body. Now the analysis method of rigid-Body mechanics is not suitable for drag rope mechanics to analysis. This paper compares the two branches of the theoretical mechanic, who are the vector mechanics and the analysis mechanics, then put forward a kind of mechanical analysis method which uses the Lagrange-equation which belongs to the analysis mechanics, to analysis the movement and stress of drag rope.
Authors: Wei Min Liu, Ai Yun Zheng, Chun Guang Lu, Hao Deng
Abstract: Aiming at the miniature electric automobile shock absorber spring of actual situation, consider the variant, flexible facing the flexible contact surface, the electric automobile shock absorber spring nonlinear analysis, get spring stress, displacement, and the results were processed, provides the basis for optimizing the design and selection of the damping spring.
Authors: Zhi Hong Zhang, Xi Li Ni, Yu Qing Zheng, Xu Zhang
Abstract: It discusses two simplified elevator bearing beam models that describe the design installation way usually and the on-site installation way respectively for the elevator’s traction machine. Taking a real 12-ton traction elevator as an example, it analyzed the load force on the bearing beam, and also used finite element analysis software ANSYS12.0 to calculate their stress situation of two simplified models. Then it compares the bearing beam strength and stiffness influences based on two different fixed ways. Finally, it suggested a conductive advice to make more reasonable choice to install the bearing beam for elevator safety.
Authors: Shan Qi Wu, Xing Wu Kang
Abstract: By using the commercial CFD software Fluent6.3, the three-phase (water, air, vapour) flow field with natural cavitation was established. The UDF(User Defined Function) was used to resolve and control the missiles movement. It realized the numerical calculation of unsteady high-speed water-entry flow field, which consider natural cavitation as well as the missiles multiple degree of free movement. In this paper, the missile high-speed water-entry flow field with different attitude angle were simulated and analyzed, and the influence of the attitude angle on the flow field were gained.

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