Modern Tendencies in Engineering Sciences

Volume 533

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Xue Qian, Xiao Wei Yin, Li Yang Xie

Abstract: Mode analysis is important for slide vane compressor stator. Because of period force may set up resonance in the stator. In this paper, the...

Authors: Jun Liu, Fang Zhi Lin, Zi Yan Huang, Bin He

Abstract: Base on current status of rural residential roofs in northeast China, in order to improve and ensure the qualities, safety and functions of...

Authors: Yu Yu Zuo

Abstract: As aircraft became more complex a need was created for a power source to operate the aircraft systems on the ground without the necessity...

Authors: De Hai Chen, Ming Hu Jiang, Li Xin Zhao, Yong Zhang

Abstract: The flow field of gas-liquid-solid three-phase hydrocyclone was analyzed by using the software FLUNET. We have researched different...

Authors: Hong Bin Liu, Lei Zhang, Yong Sheng Shi

Abstract: Based on the finite element method of explicit dynamics and contact dynamics mechanics, a three dimensional solid finite element model was...

Authors: Fu Shen Sheng, Jie Hua Hu

Abstract: Drag rope is a kind of soft body. Now the analysis method of rigid-Body mechanics is not suitable for drag rope mechanics to analysis. This...

Authors: Wei Min Liu, Ai Yun Zheng, Chun Guang Lu, Hao Deng

Abstract: Aiming at the miniature electric automobile shock absorber spring of actual situation, consider the variant, flexible facing the flexible...

Authors: Zhi Hong Zhang, Xi Li Ni, Yu Qing Zheng, Xu Zhang

Abstract: It discusses two simplified elevator bearing beam models that describe the design installation way usually and the on-site installation way...

Authors: Shan Qi Wu, Xing Wu Kang

Abstract: By using the commercial CFD software Fluent6.3, the three-phase (water, air, vapour) flow field with natural cavitation was established. The...


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