Advances in Kinematics, Mechanics of Rigid Bodies, and Materials Sciences

Volume 534

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mustapha Rohani, Mohamad Awang, Asmadi Ali, Ali Noraaini, Adhha Abdullah Mohd Aidil

Abstract: Preparation of Alpinia galanga agro waste-high density polyethylene (HDPE) composites involved the addition of eco degradant and...

Authors: Rahmat Saptono, Choong Un Kim

Abstract: A model-inspired phenomenology constitutive equation was developed from the first principles to study the temperature dependence of flow...

Authors: Paolo Mercorelli

Abstract: This contribution deals with a new analysis of a rigid body manipulation system. It is based on the well–knowngeometric control of system...

Authors: Rosnawati Buhari, Mohd Ezree Abdullah, Munzilah Md Rohani

Abstract: The study of heavy vehicle forces on pavement is important for both vehicle and pavement. Indeed it was identified several factors such as...

Authors: Mohamad Amiruddin bin Ismail, Pauziah Binti Muhamad, Aminudin bin Abu

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of Magneto-rheological (MR) for motorcycle suspension. Previous studies on the usage of the MR fluids...

Authors: Hariyo P.S. Pratomo, Klaus Bremhorst

Abstract: In this paper, statistical quantities of a fully pulsed round jet along the jet centerline are reported. A range of the Reynolds (1.5 x...

Authors: Firza Utama Sjarifudin

Abstract: This paper will cover the development of Adaptive secondary skin system. Adaptation is essential to managing the problem of climate change....

Authors: Long Cao, Yi Hua Cao

Abstract: A novel method based on numerical continuation algorithm for equilibria and stability analysis of nonlinear dynamical system is introduced...

Authors: Iskandar Petra, Liyanage C. de Silva

Abstract: Inverse Kinematics solutions are needed for control of robotic manipulators for successful task execution. It is the process of obtaining...


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