Energy Engineering and Environment Engineering

Volume 535

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chaowish Munyuen, Panhathai Buasri

Abstract: Switched reluctance motor (SRM) has a simple, inexpensive and reliable construction due to the concentrated coils on stator pole and no...

Authors: Zhen Wei, Yuan Chang Deng, Wei Zhang, Zheng Hao Yang

Abstract: The choice of wind measured data and numerical simulation method has an important impact on the results of wind resource assessment. This...

Authors: Yan Li Chen, Wei Guo Hu, Jia Lin Liu, Hui Wang, Chun Xue Wang, Xiao Dong Wu, Shun An Liu, Lu Hong Yang

Abstract: The configuration diagram of wheeled vehicle was presented and the mathematical model of the important components was built according to the...

Authors: Shao Hui Yang, Guang Yu He, Hao Ran Zhang

Abstract: A hybrid power generation system which can collect wave energy and wind energy at the same time has been designed and developed in order to...

Authors: You Jie Zhou, Chun Hua Xiong, Chang Bo Lu, Gao Jun An

Abstract: The author puts forward the design scheme of 1 kw al-air battery based on analysis of key techniques such as the activation and...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Li, Shi Chun Yang, Zi Tao Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the practical needs of remote monitoring of electric vehicle and illustrates the overall architecture of a remote...

Authors: Peng Jiang, Qian Wang, I. Sabariman, Eckehard Specht

Abstract: Water spray cooling is widely used in many industrial processes to control heat removal from a hot material surface. In this work,...

Authors: Yang Li, Xiu Juan Liang

Abstract: In the cold and severe cold regions of our country, the average temperature in winter outdoor usually below -20°C. Air conditioning units...

Authors: Jin Qi, Kui Qin Chao, Neng Dai Wan

Abstract: The Bunsen burner was improved to measure the flame propagation speed of biomass gases with different kinds of components using angle method...


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