Mechanical, Electronic and Engineering Technologies (ICMEET 2014)

Volume 538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Peng Chen, Wen Hong Tao, Xing Hua Fu, Li Yuan Dong, Hai Tao Yu

Abstract: Orthogonal testing method was used to study the effects of polystyrene particles, hydrophobic agent, air-entraining agent, polypropylene...

Authors: Yu Peng Chen, Xing Hua Fu, Wen Hong Tao, Li Yuan Dong, Hai Tao Yu

Abstract: Orthogonal testing method was used to study the effects of fly ash, aggregate, weight ratio of water and material, way of incorporation of...

Authors: Yang Lu Hou, Xing Hua Fu, Wen Hong Tao, Xin Jin

Abstract: Mg-doped LaFeO3 thin film and Mg, Cr-doped La0.5Sr0.5FeO3 thin films were prepared by the...

Authors: Xin Jin, Xing Hua Fu, Wen Hong Tao, Yang Lu Hou

Abstract: Morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) composition, KNaNbO3-0.052LiSbO3(KNN-LS) was synthesized by sol-gel method at this...

Authors: Jian Hua Fang, Dong Yong Xia, Bo Shui Chen, Jiang Wu, Jiu Wang

Abstract: A S-containing additive, sulfuration modified soybean oil (named as SSO), was prepared by chemical modification of soybean oil with sulfur...

Authors: Xiao Jun Hu, Lan Rong Cai, Min Li, Wen Guo Huo

Abstract: By AF1100-type EDM machine, graphite rod as a tool electrode, misted deionized water mixed with fine-grained C powder as working medium, the...

Authors: Yong Fu, Zu Qiang Xiong

Abstract: In order to resolve the problem of hoarfrost in red mud, prepare a geopolymer with sintered red mud and calcined bauxite tailings and fly...

Authors: Zhi Xin Hui

Abstract: It is the premise and foundation of numerical simulation to build models, because the optimal initial configuration of models can reduce the...

Authors: En Wu Liang, Shou Zhi Yi, Zhi Jie Wei, Li Hua Ren, Zhong Xin Fang, Xi Long Wang, Yuan Yuan Wu, Xuan Zhang

Abstract: The better appearance of LCD rare earth polishing powder, the better sales. High-performance polishing powder for LCD was synthesized by...


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