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Authors: De Xin Ren, Jie Hong, Cun Wang
Abstract: Based on the structural and mechanics analysis of aero-engines rotor system, the dynamic model of the flexible rotor system with multi-supports are presented in order to solve the bearing misalignment problem of rotor system in aero-engines. The motion equations are derived through Lagrange method. The relationship between structural and mechanics characteristics parameters are built up. Finally, the dynamic influence of bearing misalignment on rotor system is divided into three kinds: additional rotor bending rigidity, additional bearing misalignment excitation force and additional imbalance. The equations suggest that additional imbalance excitation force activates the nonlinearity on rotor system and an additional 2× excitation force might appear.
Authors: Xue Lai Shang
Abstract: The paper design a double eccentric mass driven spherical robot, the ball is also subject to eccentric force and inertia force that generate by internal drive units in movement. Due to the unique spherical shell, the robot in the dynamic state transition process, Friction cannot offset the robot motion state change due to internal driving motion error of small units. In order to make linear movement of the spherical robot that can smooth start, stop and speed control, the paper design a method for linear motion driven spherical robot with double eccentric mass control. The improved driving eccentric mass of robot total mass ratio is larger, that can provide the eccentric torque and inertia moment more, the robot has higher motion velocity.
Authors: Shao Ming Sun, Dong Sen Ye, Xuan Wu
Abstract: On the base of bionics and mechanics of vibration, the mechanism of the structure and function of robot joint vibration reduction was researched for more and more prominent vibration problems in the design of the robot. Drawing the model by Solid works and making finite element analysis (FEA) by Abaqus, vibration frequency was analyzed on different condition, exploring the influence of vibration of robot joint with and without package coatings as well as with and without holes in the package coatings. The experiment and simulation result showed that vibration reduction effect was obvious in robot joint covering package coatings with high punching rate.
Authors: De Xin Ren, Jie Hong, Lu Lu Chen
Abstract: A theoretical and numerical study has been performed on an air film damper attached to a plate structure. Combined with the analysis by Fox and Whitton, a damping model of the air film damper has been developed. A complex stiffness was introduced to represent the air pressure in the damper cavity. The stain energy and dissipated energy were integrated from the real part and imaginary part of the complex stiffness to determine the stiffness and damping. The response of the plate with the air film damper was considered by treating the air film as multiple discrete damping-stiffness elements using ANSYS.
Authors: Yan Zhao, Xiao Meng Liu, Wen Jie Li
Abstract: This paper designs the virtual online platform of high precision machinery processing. And we use it to forecast the safety coefficient k and lift coefficient of auto machining process, and based on the safety coefficient and the lift coefficient we improve the automobile working procedure real-time, and obtain a reasonable body safety structure and external driving performance of the structure, which achieves good comprehensive design effect. At the end of this paper, we apply the system in the online virtual platform of computer higher occupation education. According to the cycle mechanism of the lift coefficient, we design the teaching task of cultivating innovative talents, and arrange the teaching tasks of applied science. It provides the theory reference for research on the higher occupation school personnel training.
Authors: Ning Li, Yue Juan Li
Abstract: In this paper, based on the volume force, surface force, concentrated force of elastic-plastic body, combining with the principle of virtual displacement, we use virtual prototype analysis software ADAMS to design the displacement simulation system of basketball players muscle length change in continued training. In order to verify the validity and reliability of the system, we establish muscle simulation model of basketball player continued training, and input parameters of simulation training time and training task in the model, import the simulation results into the MATLAB software, obtain the curve changes of muscle displacement with time, and combining with the curve get the muscle length changing parameter. It provides a technical reference for the training of basketball players.
Authors: Xiu Rong Zhu
Abstract: Based on NC machining principle of hypoid gears and NC machining with high efficiency quality, This paper discusses the feasibility of the hypoid gear processing, establishes the mathematical model of face gear wheel hypoid milling machining adjustment, that will be take the basic data into vertical machining center machine tool, tool, fixture, the installation and adjustment of parameters, and we write a program of the CNC machining and corresponding code, combined with the specific wheel blank parameters to milling simulation test and milling tests, we obtain a new process methods.
Authors: Lin Li, Chang Ji Shan, Yi Duo Bian
Abstract: Very complicated as the cycloid wheel movement appears, tridimensional software Solid Works is applied to outer planetary cycloid wheel parts modeling and dynamic simulation with the outcome meeting the prospective design requirements. Therefore, we conclude that tridimensional modeling will be applicable for mechanical designing with great significance. In response to increasingly complicated product designing, the roles of the tridimensional modeling approach will be brought into fuller play. In pin-cycloid gearing, due to the specially curved and differential gear surface, the gearing accuracy and service life of the pin-cycloid are both affected. To get a smooth solution to the problem of the tridimensional surface shaping, priority shall be given to precise drawing of the gears profile curve [.
Authors: Hong Tao Guo, Wei Guo Zhang
Abstract: Article use Visual LISP development tools and DCL dialog technology, which implements the standard straight teeth, a two-dimensional cylindrical gear parametric drawing on AutoCAD platform, with easy to operate and improve design efficiency. We achieved that using the dialog box design input parameters, and gear parts of the design calculations, parameters proofreading and all kinds of gear design drawing different structures by programming. The output is fully automated computer-aided design system. The results show that the design of the system significantly improves the efficiency of the part design.

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