Advanced Engineering Solutions

Volume 539

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Xin Ren, Jie Hong, Cun Wang

Abstract: Based on the structural and mechanics analysis of aero-engines rotor system, the dynamic model of the flexible rotor system with...

Authors: Xue Lai Shang

Abstract: The paper design a double eccentric mass driven spherical robot, the ball is also subject to eccentric force and inertia force that generate...

Authors: Shao Ming Sun, Dong Sen Ye, Xuan Wu

Abstract: On the base of bionics and mechanics of vibration, the mechanism of the structure and function of robot joint vibration reduction was...

Authors: De Xin Ren, Jie Hong, Lu Lu Chen

Abstract: A theoretical and numerical study has been performed on an air film damper attached to a plate structure. Combined with the analysis by Fox...

Authors: Yan Zhao, Xiao Meng Liu, Wen Jie Li

Abstract: This paper designs the virtual online platform of high precision machinery processing. And we use it to forecast the safety coefficient...

Authors: Ning Li, Yue Juan Li

Abstract: In this paper, based on the volume force, surface force, concentrated force of elastic-plastic body, combining with the principle of virtual...

Authors: Xiu Rong Zhu

Abstract: Based on NC machining principle of hypoid gears and NC machining with high efficiency quality, This paper discusses the feasibility of the...

Authors: Lin Li, Chang Ji Shan, Yi Duo Bian

Abstract: Very complicated as the cycloid wheel movement appears, tridimensional software Solid Works is applied to outer planetary cycloid wheel...

Authors: Hong Tao Guo, Wei Guo Zhang

Abstract: Article use Visual LISP development tools and DCL dialog technology, which implements the standard straight teeth, a two-dimensional...


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