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Authors: Juan Lai
Abstract: Sample entropy can reflect the change of level of new information in signal sequence as well as the size of the new information. Based on the sample entropy as the features of speech classification, the paper firstly extract the sample entropy of mixed signal, mean and variance to calculate each signal sample entropy, finally uses the K mean clustering to recognize. The simulation results show that: the recognition rate can be increased to 89.2% based on sample entropy.
Authors: Chuan Ting Wei, Quan Li Ning, Dong Chen
Abstract: This paper introduces the working principle of the pseudorandom code phase modulation pulse, analyzes the theoretical foundation of multi-fuze co-channel interference suppression achieved by phase modulation of the signals through pseudorandom coding, and through the calculation and analysis of simulation, verifies the feasibility of the multi-fuze co-channel interference suppression based on pseudorandom code phase modulation.
Authors: Han Zheng, Xiao Bo Gao
Abstract: Based on the co-evolution theory, this paper establishes the mathematical model of heterogeneous populations, and joins the chaos function concept in the model, which makes the function have the effect of turning iterative nature of chaos, and designs computer digital output algorithm. In order to study the validity and reliability of the designed algorithm and mathematical model in this paper, with the combination of BSIM3 and MOSFET model, the paper designs a computer automatic control circuit, and the circuit is studied by numerical simulation. The Md-Vds curve can be seen that the numerical simulation result is consist with experimental results, which verify the validity of the algorithm. The computer control circuit I-VTH characteristic curve can be seen that the peak value of circuit fluctuation is consisting with the theoretical situation, which verified the reliability of the algorithm.
Authors: Xiao Min Zhu, Xin Cheng Ren
Abstract: 1D band-limited weierstrass fractal rough surface is used to simulate the natural rough land surface, the composite electromagnetic scattering from 1D band-limited weierstrass fractal land surface with buried target is studied using FDTD, the angle distribution curves of the composite bistatic scattering coefficient is obtained by numerical calculation, the variation of the composite bistatic scattering coefficient with fractal Dimension, the root-mean-square of height fluctuation, the target size, the slope angle of target, the buried depth of target is calculated, which is analyzed and discussed in detail at the same time, the characteristics of the composite electromagnetic scattering from fractal land surface with buried plate shape target is obtained
Authors: Chun Hua He, Xian Cai Kong, He Qun Xian
Abstract: In industry and agriculture production process, it often needs to environment temperature and humidity detection. The traditional way is the detected data via wired mode of transmission, as a result of industrial and agricultural production process in the presence of wiring complex, difficult maintenance, flexible deployment of sensor nodes is not the problem such as the wired data transmission system. The system uses ZigBee technology to build a wireless sensor network, collecting temperature and humidity of the environment information, which will receive the data sent to the monitor display and processing.
Authors: Mao Tong Xu
Abstract: In VSF-OFCDM wireless communication, wireless channel is divided into component channels with the same frequency space according to the frequency, and the carriers on component channels are mutually orthogonal. When there are enough subcarriers, the bandwidth efficiency of the system is close to nyquist limit, which can ensure the utilization ratio of system frequency. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring orthogonal division of channels, the channels received a secondary division according to data rate requirements and power limit of business to make the frequency resource fully used and makes the total power minimal, which realizes the optimal distribution of wireless-communication system resources. The secondary division is represented by bit loading algorithmthe best bit number of subcarrier allocation in symbol period. For the characteristics of wide-band multi-media services and granular division of VSF-OFCDM wireless communication, the subject proposes the idea of business-oriented subcarrier allocation, which means that the subcarriers are divided in symbol period with the business as the dominant. Based on the idea, the paper designs service-oriented bit loading algorithm of subcarrier, byte and power combined with distribution based on channel detection, and makes verification and performance analysis on the algorithm.
Authors: Hua Zhang
Abstract: This paper discussed the problem of wireless sensor network data transmission protocols, and combined with the characteristics of WSN and the actual needs, the design and implementation of a data transmission priority queue and priority transmission scheme of ACK, provide an end-to-end transmission for the important information, and achieve the timely, reliable transmission of control information.
Authors: Xin Li Cao, Jun Qiao Xiong
Abstract: Using JN-5139 processor and Zigbee net technology, paper explains a wireless multi-channel responder system. It can realize duplex communicationautomatic network,automatic determination,automatic voice broadcast. Paper shows hardware and software flow chart of player node (router node) and compere node (coordinator node),Zigbee net initialization.Paper defines dataframe of MAC layer and Physical layer. The system can meet the demand for various responder contest for it is low-cost, easy to expand for nodes, stable, smart and has long communication distance.
Authors: Qiang Xian, Wan Ting Zhang
Abstract: In routing process, individual distance is regarded as the primary parameter in order to adjust the energy consumption. In this paper, we build a time and distance-based system model, and effectively design route setup and route maintenance phase. An Energy-balanced Distance-based Routing Algorithm (EDRA) is put forward to maximize network lifetime. Simulation results demonstrate that the EDRA effectively prolongs the network lifetime and reduces the energy consumption than other routing algorithms.
Authors: Yang Yong Guo
Abstract: Through the computer network we can communicate with each other, and the development of the mobile communication technology cannot do without the computer technology. The program-controlled exchange, management, billing and so on in the telecommunication network are completed using the computers. The core network of the mobile communication system depends on the support of computer technology, and many of its elements are the computers of specific functions. The mobile communication and the computer network communication are the science processing the information, with the same signal styles, and they have many of the same subject theories, and a lot of the same technologies are also used in practice.

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