Design and Kick Analysis of a Soccer Playing Robot


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For the implementation of an idea, it is essential to have a full engineering system design, simulation and analysis. MISTBOY is such a dream-bot which can perform football skills like a human being. This is an on going humanoid robot project, initially having 17 DoF, 55 cm height and 5 kg weight. In this paper, the initial step towards the making of a humanoid robot is discussed and the balancing and structural analysis through mathematical derivation and simulation are also presented here with good result. This paper is focused on forward kinematics, trajectory planning, balancing, force and torque calculation and kick analysis.



Edited by:

HJ. Patthi Bin Hussain, Zhu Yuesheng, Murthy Rallapalli and Jamaluddin Mahmud




H. Alamgir et al., "Design and Kick Analysis of a Soccer Playing Robot", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 541-542, pp. 1087-1091, 2014

Online since:

March 2014




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