An Introduction to the New Kind Hydraulic Motor - Development and History


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Hydraulic motor with swinging bevel gear is a new kind of hydraulic motor. There are many advantages of it over other kind hydraulic motor. The decelerating ratio is big, moment work ratio is high, energy consuming is low, and decelerating function is good. Compared with other general liquid presses motor, this type of motor has the all new construction with the function, being applicable to the low turning the soon big turning the moment specially, high- efficiency realm. A principle for studying this kind of new motor with realize technique, include go together with to flow to convert the technique, adjust soon principle with method, the wheel gear theories matches the function with many cogwheels engaged, whole machine is excellent to turn the design, the kind machine manufactures experiment etc. with function on a trial basis to.The item's research for the country inside blank, spread to move to the host simplification, economize the energy, decline the low cost having got the important meaning.



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H. R. Liu "An Introduction to the New Kind Hydraulic Motor - Development and History", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 55-57, pp. 2210-2213, 2011

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May 2011





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