An Electronical Cereals Weight Measure System Using Vibrating Wire Pressure Sensors


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Cereals is one fundamental factor about people's livelihood. Relatively abundant food production, to maintain a certain number, variety and quality of food reserves, directly related to national security, social stability and economic development. Maintain a certain amount, variety and quality food reserves, which is essential to ensure national food security measures. Cereals reserve and quantity monitor is a key element for food security strategy. However, most of the granaries were built many years ago, outdated facilities, technical means backward in China and many other countries. Access depends on the number of grain of experience and estimation. As different varieties of grain, place of origin, degree of packing, texture, moisture content and shelf life of different, the estimated cereals quantity data using traditional methods and real data usually have a large deviation. This restricts the development and implementation of national food security strategy. Fortunately, with the rapid development and wide application of modern information technologies, they are rapidly penetrated all aspects of grain fields and applications. Food safety system has been extended to modern technology, management and information technology and network support integrated system, and gradually developed into a warehouse as the mainstay and the main form of processing and production, related to transportation, storage, processing, circulation and consumption the whole process of information systems. Modern information technologies improve accuracy and reliability of cereals weight measure. In this paper, a cereals weight measure system combining of the new types sensors and communication technology is used in food granary. Vibrating wire pressure sensor is deployed in the bottom grain storage in advance, and then began to store grain silos. The sensor signals are sent to collection device or monitoring the background. Background calculates the weight of grain storage silos by the received data. Pressure sensor can accurately obtain the food and the weight of cereals can be scientifically obtained.



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Qi Luo






Z. H. Yan et al., "An Electronical Cereals Weight Measure System Using Vibrating Wire Pressure Sensors", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 55-57, pp. 533-538, 2011

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May 2011




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