The Improvement Method Design for β-SiC Recrystallization


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Sintered SiC ceramics with difficulty, and its production process and production are more expensive, lower sintering temperature of SiC ceramics and look for new low-cost production process is the focus of materials research workers. Re-crystallization of SiC components of the raw materials requirements of high purity, can not add sintering aids, sintering temperature up to about 2450°C). In this paper, by improving and optimizing the existing production process, to lower the sintering temperature of the new methods and ideas, the study shows that: β-SiC will be added to the sintered α-SiC slurry, and the best particle size ratio of α: β = 15:1 mixture, at the same time, according to re-crystallization of SiC sintering theory, the fine particles (β-SiC, has played the role of sintering agent) adsorption in the coarse particle (α-SiC, the role of the support skeleton) and can greatly reduce the SiC Sintering temperature (50-100°C), and to improve the purity of α-SiC, the most economical way to prepare a high-density, high oxidation resistance, high impact resistance, high strength, high mechanical properties of recrystallized SiC powder .



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Qi Luo






B. Q. He et al., "The Improvement Method Design for β-SiC Recrystallization", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 55-57, pp. 578-581, 2011

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May 2011




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