Process Equipment, Mechatronics Engineering and Material Science II

Volume 552

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hua Zhao, Pei Qi Liu, Da Peng Hu

Abstract: A study on the flow and separation performance of supersonic gas separator is carried out through numerical simulation and experimentation....

Authors: Jun Fei Wu, Jun Bin Lan, Kai Hu, Qing Ling Li

Abstract: With the the development of super-high pressure technology such as the super-high biological treatment processing, the wire-wound...

Authors: Jun Fei Wu, Jun Bin Lan, Kai Hu, Qing Ling Li

Abstract: As an emerging industry, ultra-high biological processing technology enjoys great potential and vast development prospects. Design and...

Authors: Xiao Hui Ji, Wei Liu

Abstract: In order to study reasonable structure of rectangular tapered header, the methed of computatation fluid dynamic was used to research pulp...

Authors: Zhen Yu Xu

Abstract: Taking a certain urban model of electric vehicle as example, DC04 steel plate has replaced with high-strength steel plate BH340 for some...

Authors: Feng Wu, Mao He Lai, Yue Yu

Abstract: According to the lower shaft structure feature of a pneumatic and mechanical agitation flotation machine in the practical application, a...

Authors: Jian Hui Zhang, Qiang Chen, Qing Fen Wang

Abstract: The success of 200m3 and 300m3 flotation cell in industrial application calls for matching conditioner. Experimental...

Authors: Liang Cao, Mao He Lai, Dong Chen

Abstract: BF type flotation machine is a kind of self-air & slurry suction flotation machine. In this paper, several key flotation kinetic...

Authors: Li Bo Zhou, Wei Zheng, Su Hua Liu

Abstract: The structure of the sensor endurance test station is designed. Satisfied with the request of the performance, structural parameters of the...


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