Wear Characterization of Aluminum Lubricated with Palm Olein at Different Normal Load


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The pin-on-disk tester is a method used for investigating wear. The sliding mechanism between the pin and the disc experimentally creates wear. In this paper, the wear characteristics of an aluminium pin sliding on an SKD11 disc lubricated with double fraction palm olein were investigated. The pin was made from pure aluminum A1100. The results were compared with those of tests in which the disc was lubricated with commercial hydraulic oil. In both sets of experimental conditions, the normal load varied from 4 to 10 kg. Rotational speed was set to 1200 rpm. From this study, it was found that different types of lubricant affect the wear progression and friction coefficient during a sliding movement. The wear progression and friction coefficient depend also on the load applied, surface roughness, pressure applied and contact surface area.



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Nor Azwadi Che Sidik




S. Syahrullail et al., "Wear Characterization of Aluminum Lubricated with Palm Olein at Different Normal Load", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 554, pp. 401-405, 2014

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June 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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