Modeling and Optimization of the Aerospace, Robotics, Mechatronics, Machines-Tools, Mechanical Engineering and Human Motricity Fields

Volume 555

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Afshin Banazadeh, Neda Taymourtash

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to present the modeling and simulation of open loop dynamics of a rigid body insect-like flapping wing....

Authors: Catalin Cioaca, Mircea Boşcoianu

Abstract: The problem of optimal dynamic allocation of resources in security should be built in such a manner to include the impact assessment of rare...

Authors: Krishna Murari Pandey, Sukanta Roga

Abstract: This paper presents the supersonic combustion of hydrogen using strut injector along with two-dimensional turbulent non-premixed combustion...

Authors: Taro Oohashi, Shigeki Toyama

Abstract: In resent years, due to advances in science technology, space satellites have made progress. So, the presence of space debris has become...

Authors: Teodor Viorel Chelaru, Valentin Pana, Adrian Chelaru

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present some aspects regarding the computational model and technical solutions for multistage suborbital...

Authors: Wenceslao Eduardo Rodríguez, Ramiro Ibarra, Gerardo Romero, David Lara

Abstract: This paper presents the development of two different control techniques as an approach having to remove steady-state error present in the...

Authors: Radu D. Rugescu

Abstract: A series of conflicting requirements to which the design of the compound rocket motors are subjected are considerably diminishing the...

Authors: Adrian Mihail Stoica

Abstract: This paper presents a Kalman type method for attitude determination of satellites. It is shown that the linearized model describing the...

Authors: Radu Mihalache, Jeni Popescu, Cleopatra Cuciumita, Daniel Olaru, Valeriu Vilag, Ion Mălăel, Cristian Stănică

Abstract: This paper presents the activities that define a strategic development plan for a new liquid hydrogen turbopump that will equip a rocket...


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