Shaped Glued Connection of Two Parts Made by Rapid Prototyping Technology


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An increasing number of designs and subsequent production of parts created by the Rapid prototyping (RP) [1] technology led to a problem with the maximum workspace of the 3D printer. Due to this reason, it was necessary to work on the solution of joining the parts to overcome the limited workspace of the printer. This article is devoted to glue joints analysis of two parts made by RP technology. A great emphasis is given to the load capacity testing of the parts made this way. The measured values than may serve as a lead for the construction design of the outlined joints. The article builds on the knowledge gained during the previous testing of the screw connections of parts made by 3D printing technology [2].



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Adrian Olaru






J. Lipina et al., "Shaped Glued Connection of Two Parts Made by Rapid Prototyping Technology", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 555, pp. 541-548, 2014

Online since:

June 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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