The Study of Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of 2H-SiC


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Electronic structure and optical properties of 2H-SiC are calculated by the first-principles calculation based on density functional theory, thus to give out the relation of electronic structure and optical properties of 2H-SiC material in theory. It is theoretically predicated that the 2H-SiC is an indirect band gap semiconductor with all valence band maximum located at Γ point in Brillouin zone and conduction band bottom located at M point of Brillouin zone. The optical property of the 2H-SiC for the band-to-band transition is analyzed by using the calculated band structure and density of state. The result of optical properties shows that obvious dielectric peaks appear in 0~10eV which absorb the band edge to correspond to the ultraviolet band. Therefore, 2H-SiC material maybe become the excellent ultraviolet semiconductor material.



Edited by:

X.D. Xu, Bin Li, Q.M. Lu, X.Y. Yan and J.L. Li




F. C. Zhang et al., "The Study of Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of 2H-SiC", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 556-562, pp. 535-538, 2014

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May 2014




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