Sensors and Materials: Advanced Researches

Volume 563

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Chen, Hui Qin Chen, Zhi Hua Li, Qiao Yi Wang

Abstract: Simulation method has become an increasing important problem to establish the trustworthiness of models in the finite element simulations....

Authors: Zakaria Boumerzoug, Nedjma Chérifi, Thierry Baudin

Abstract: In this investigation, grain orientation has been studied in an industrial aluminium Al99.5 which has been welded by TIG process. The...

Authors: Ching Hui Tai, Chun Ho Yin

Abstract: This paper discusses the process of calculating the lay-up configuration and structural stiffness of carbon fiber composite bike frame....

Authors: Jiang Wen Liu, Yong Zhong Wu

Abstract: An investigation has been made into the machining feasibility when wire electro-discharge machining with an extremely high travelling speed...

Authors: Xu Long An, Qi Bin Liu, Bo Zheng

Abstract: To obtain the coating with excellent properties, FeWCrMnCoCuTix (x=0.2, 0.4, 0.6) high entropy alloys coating on 45...

Authors: S.F. Wang, Q.P. Ding, X.T. Zu

Abstract: LaFeO3/Fe2O3 and Mn2O3/Fe2O3 magnetic nanocomposites have been...

Authors: Na Li, Hong Hai Shen, Shi Quan Liu

Abstract: Sintered glass-ceramics have been successfully prepared using glass particles derived from a waste water flocculate. Influence of heat...

Authors: Zhang Lu, Dan Xia, Zhen An

Abstract: The foaming reaction so that all water-gel reaction and foaming reaction to reach equilibrium, the excellent thermal insulation material was...

Authors: Lei Chen, Zhi Xin Yu, Wei Ping Cui, Li Juan Qin

Abstract: Development of normal stress in the direction perpendicular to the asphalt mixture is an important feature of the nonlinear viscoelastic...


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