Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 564

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K. Zeti, A.A. Faieza

Abstract: Technical training instructors play an important role in shaping students with value of employability and high workability. Human capital...

Authors: Poh Kiat Ng, Kian Siong Jee, Adi Saptari, Jia Xin Leau

Abstract: Although the advancement of technology can provide a better and safer working environment to people, sometimes, overconfidence in technology...

Authors: S.H. Tang, Shiva Sadat Moosavipur, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, M.K.A.M. Ariffin, Morteza Ghobakhloo

Abstract: In the manufacturing industry, control of information and movement of material from suppliers at all levels is a critical matter.IT helps to...

Authors: Lukman Sukarma, Hafizah Azmi, Nurlisa Loke Abdullah

Abstract: This paper provides a critical analysis on the impact of world-class manufacturing practices on company performances in the manufacturing...

Authors: Mei Choo Ang, Kok Weng Ng, Siti Azfanizam Ahmad, Amelia Natasya Abdul Wahab

Abstract: With the ever competitive global market swamped with more choices of high-tech gadgets from smartphones to head-mounted display eyewear like...

Authors: Abdolhossein Sadrnia, N. Ismail, M.K.A.M. Ariffin, Zulkifli Norzima, Omid Boyer

Abstract: The shortage of material and environmental legislations have encouraged car manufacturers to recycle used material in end of life vehicles...

Authors: Jayasalen Nadarajah, Aziz Abdul Faieza, B.T. Hang Tuah Baharudin, Amran Mohd Radzi

Abstract: Malaysian industries, in general consider energy management a burden and non-profitable. Energy management initiatives are also viewed as a...

Authors: M.N.A. Noordin, R.M. Hudzari, S.M. Sapuan, M.A.H.A. Ssomad

Abstract: Dioscorea hispida is a poisonous plant normally found in forest where scientific studies have shown that its tuber contains toxic poison and...

Authors: N.A. Hamid, M.F. Suparin, T. Gokila, L.S. Ewe

Abstract: This paper reports on the design cost and scaling model of a small scale superconducting wind turbine generator, where the levelized cost of...


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