Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 564

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohd Hafzi Mohd Isa, Yahaya Ahmad, Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim, Wong Shaw Voon

Abstract: In line with the Vehicle Pillar of the United Nations Decade of Action for Global Road Safety 2011 2020 in elevating motor vehicle safety...

Authors: M.S. Abdul Aziz, M.Z. Abdullah, Kamarul Arifin Ahmad

Abstract: This paper presents two dimensional fluid structure interaction (FSI) CFD analysis on the effect of skin thickness and Reynolds number on...

Authors: M. Adlan Abdullah, Farid Nasir Ani, Masjuki Hassan

Abstract: This study investigated the effects of palm oil methyl ester biodiesel blends on a common rail passenger car engine in terms of performance,...

Authors: Shukriah Abdullah, Aziz Abdul Faieza

Abstract: Headlamp assembly entailed a complex assembly process and error in assembled can result in technical problem and higher reject rate at the...

Authors: Airul Sharizli, Rahizar Ramli, Mohamed Rehan Karim, Ahmad Saifizul Abdullah

Abstract: Increasing number of fatalities caused by road accidents involving heavy vehicles every year has raised the level of concern and awareness...

Authors: Abdullah Adibah, Othman Inayatullah, Masuri Siti Ujila, A.A. Nuraini, Sahari B. Barkawi, Nordin Jamaludin

Abstract: Single-grade engine oil viscosity experience changes influenced by temperature and pressure. However, in reality, the viscosity of engine...

Authors: Uzair Rosli, M.K.A.M. Ariffin, S.M. Sapuan, Shamsuddin Sulaiman

Abstract: This study established a support tool framework for TRIZ practitioners to specify the problems statement stage in TRIZ method through...

Authors: A.R.M.H. Rashid, S.A.S. Mondol, M.H. Shams, A.T.M.F.S. Anik

Abstract: Many developing countries, like Bangladesh, have many three wheeler vehicles as a popular cheap transport option. Usually the driver seats...

Authors: K. Syakirah, A.A. Faieza, M. Rosnah Yusuff

Abstract: A restraint system to holdan infant between 0 – 24 monthsold ona commercial passenger aircraft has not been improvedsince the early...

Authors: Nazrul Idzham Kasim, Z. Leman, Mohd Azam Musa, B.T. Hang Tuah bin Baharudin

Abstract: This project is related to the improvement of cab transfer process from Painted Body Storage (PBS) area to General Assembly (GA) line. The...


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