Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 564

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Harijono Djojodihardjo, Muljo Widodo Kartidjo

Abstract: Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (FWMAV) and Quad-Rotor Micro Air Vehicles (QRMAV) are strategic for many applications, applications,...

Authors: Harijono Djojodihardjo

Abstract: Flow control for enhanced aerodynamic performance have been utilized for enhanced lift, reduced drag and delay of stall at higher angle of...

Authors: Abdul Hakim Abdullah, Zamir A. Zulkefli

Abstract: This study presents the assessment of the quality of speech intelligibility of two Malaysian mosques and the results are used to develop a...

Authors: Muhammad Kusni, Benjamin Soenarko, Harijono Djojodihardjo

Abstract: The commercial feasibility of active noise control (ANC) is very promising due to its capability beyond passive noise control (PNC). To some...

Authors: Teng Sheng Su, Chen Far Hung, Shu Hua Chang, Ting Hao Wu, Luh Maan Chang

Abstract: In this paper a new type of semi-active vibration absorber has been developed. The vibration absorber consists of mass block, cantilever...

Authors: Khairil Anas Md Rezali, Michael J. Griffin

Abstract: In International Standard 10819 (1996), the requirements for a glove to be considered an anti-vibration glove are determined by the...

Authors: A. Hamdan, Faizal Mustapha, Kamarul Arifin Ahmad, A.S.M. Rafie, Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan, M.R. Ishak

Abstract: Wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources which the trend is positive and increasing year by year. This technology applied widely...

Authors: Nikolaos Dervilis, A.C.W. Creech, A.E. Maguire, Ifigeneia Antoniadou, R.J. Barthorpe, Keith Worden

Abstract: Reliability of offshore wind farms is one of the key areas for the successful implementation of these renewable power plants in the energy...

Authors: Ifigeneia Antoniadou, Thomas P. Howard, R.S. Dwyer-Joyce, Matthew B. Marshall, Jack Naumann, Nikolaos Dervilis, Keith Worden

Abstract: Different signal processing methods are applied to experimental data obtained from a rolling element bearing rig in order to perform damage...

Authors: S.T. Cheng, Nawal Aswan Abdul Jalil, Zamir A. Zulkefli

Abstract: Vibration based technique have so far been focused on the identification of structural damage. However, not many studies have been conducted...


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