Advances in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 564

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Achmad Widodo, D.P. Dewi Widowati, D. Satrijo, I. Haryanto

Abstract: Intelligent diagnostics tool for detecting damaged bevel gears was developed based on wavelet support vector machine (WSVM). In this...

Authors: M. Zaleha, S. Mahzan, I. Maizlinda Izwana

Abstract: The emergence of natural fiber as a potential alternative for glass fibre replacement has seen various development and investigation for...

Authors: Tahseen Ahmad Tahseen, Mahadzir Ishak, M.M. Rahman

Abstract: The experimental study has been made to investigate heat transfer and pressure drop for air flow around finned flat tube banks in-line...

Authors: Ahmet Ozsoy, Sabahattin Demirer, Nor Maria Adam

Abstract: Domestic hot water preparation systems with flat plate solar collectors are widely used in Turkey. In this collector, the temperature...

Authors: Siti Sarah Ain Fadhil, Hasril Hasini, Mohd Nasharuddin Mohd Jaafar

Abstract: Tangentially fired boilers are widely used in generating electricity power due to its advantage of distributing heat evenly to all furnace...

Authors: Nasir S. Hassen, Nor Azwadi Che Sidik, Jamaluddin Md Sheriff

Abstract: Spray losses are the most important problem that is faced in the spray application process as result of spray drift to non target areas by...

Authors: Masuri Siti Ujila, Mathieu Sellier

Abstract: In particle deposition problems, colloidal potentials play an important role in adsorpting the colloidal particles onto the surface of the...

Authors: Qi Jie Kwong, Mohamad Afri Arsad, Nor Mariah Adam

Abstract: This paper presents the findings of a thermal comfort survey conducted in a tropical green office building. The building was installed with...

Authors: M.K. Roslim, Suhaimi Hassan, K. Izzati

Abstract: Influences of twisted coil plate insert on the performance of fire tube boiler using were experimentally investigated. In this study, the...

Authors: Nadiir Bheekhun, A.B.D. Rahim bin Abu Talib, Hasril Hasini, Mohd Roshdi Hassan

Abstract: This analysis considers the computational simulations of the temperature distribution of a propane-air customary flame combusted from an...


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