Advancements in Automation and Control Technologies

Volume 573

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S. Dhayanandh, S. Manoharan

Abstract: - The emergence of multilevel inverters has been in increase since the last decade. These new types of converters are suitable for...

Authors: R. Saravanan, N. Chandrasekaran

Abstract: In several PWM DC-DC converter topologies, the controlling switches are operated in switch mode wherever they're needed to conduct the whole...

Authors: V.J. Vijayalakshmi, C.S. Ravichandran, A. Amudha

Abstract: Previous research was mainly concentrated on eliminating the selected lower order harmonics depending on the level of inverter which was...

Authors: I. Kavitha, S. Selvaperumal, P. Nedumal Pugazhenthi, A. Mohamed Rajithkhan, R. Jagatheesan

Abstract: The idea orients to develop a PI controller for closed loop speed control of chopper fed dc drive. PI controller is one of the most...

Authors: Ganesan Sugumaran, Rajagopal Suresh Kumar, Kannusamy Divya, Subramani Saravanan

Abstract: To improve the tracking capability of the PV, soft computing technique is used to utilize the PV power effectively. Here, DPSO is used to...

Authors: S. Jayaprakash, V. Ramakrishnan

Abstract: This paper presents a Hardware implementation of single-stage solar based DC-DC converter for inductive load application. Solar model is...

Authors: E. Kalaiarasi, J. Velmurugan

Abstract: Positive output Re-lift luo converter is a recently developed DC-DC converter which performs the conversion from positive source voltage to...

Authors: S.S. Lalitha Maheswari, V. Revathi, S. Muralidharan

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative study on performance of conventional PI controller and fuzzy controller on three phase, three wire voltage...

Authors: P. Elangovan, C. Kumar, B. Gomathy

Abstract: This paper proposes a high efficient advanced DC-DC converter by name Triple-Lift converter in the front end of Induction motor (IM) drives...


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