Study on Multimode Intelligent Control for Ship Steering System


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The ship motion is characterized by nonlinearity, time varying, uncertainty and complex interference from the environment, therefore there are certain limits in conventional PID control and self-adapting control for ship steering system. This paper combines three intelligent control technologies, that is, fuzzy control, neural network and extension control, to propose a multimode intelligent control method. Fuzzy control is utilized to solve control problem of uncertainty system, and learning ability of neural network is utilized to optimize the controller parameters. A new multi-mode transition controller based on extension control is presented and well designed in this paper, which may realize smooth switching during control process. In order to satisfy the requirements of higher accuracy and faster response of complex system, every control strategy designed can realize ideal control effect within the scope of its effective control. The simulation experiment is made to test dynamic and static performances of ship steering system under model parameter perturbation and wave interference. The simulation results show that the control system achieves satisfactory performances by implementing the multimode intelligent control.



Edited by:

Qi Luo






M. H. Wang et al., "Study on Multimode Intelligent Control for Ship Steering System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 58-60, pp. 2621-2633, 2011

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June 2011




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