Research on the Pizeoelectric Driving Micro-Flux Valve Power Supply


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In order to decrease output micro-flux ripple wave characteristics of the piezoelectric driven micro-flux valve, it carried out research on piezoelectric ceramics driving power supply. In the research, it especially designed the low-voltage and high-voltage stabilizing circuit, small signal amplifying circuit and power amplifying circuit. By applying the power supply, the function signal would be amplified to a high-voltage output to drive the piezoelectric ceramics stack (PZT) to control displacement of the micro-flux valve’s spool, and then realize precise control the micro-flux of the valve. At last, it carried out experimentations on the output characteristics of the power supply, and the experimental results proved the output signal of the power supply have excellent input-output linearity and small ripple wave characteristics, and the high-voltage output ripple wave error is less than 10mV. More over, it used the power supply to drive an 8×8×20mm PZT with capacitance 2.3, and measured the quickly discharging characteristics. The results prove the quickly discharging time is only 10.10ms when the driving voltage is 180V, which means the power supply has excellent quickly discharging characteristics.



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Qi Luo






H. C. Chen et al., "Research on the Pizeoelectric Driving Micro-Flux Valve Power Supply", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 58-60, pp. 727-732, 2011

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June 2011




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