The Systems of Primary School Teachers Using PDA to Support Instruction


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That the advantage and restriction of using PDA to support teaching. Meanwhile, it probes into the cognitive will of teachers in Kaohsiung using PDA to support teaching. At first, developing the investigation meter of using cognitive will in PDA supporting teaching. The teachers in Kaohsiung information seed schools assist to investigate. There are 374 samples which are all effective samples. There is no invalid sample and returns-ratio 100%. Therefore, using One-way ANOVA analyses this effective questionnaire. The result of analysis will display teacher's experience period of service with PDA supporting teaching, and the difference of using will in network experience period of service. It shows: (1)「Perceived Usefulness」is the biggest influence factor of 「using will」in this research to the PDA supporting teaching. Next is「Perceived Easy of Use」. (2) 「Technical support」is also the direct influence factor of 「using will」. As regards this research sample, there are still 86.1% survey responsers who have not used PDA supporting teaching yet. Therefore, when users initially use the PDA supporting teaching system environment, they will have intensely the demand of “technical support” in the new technical installment, development and the use way. This is also a key point which the primary users are concerned. (3) The user, who has PDA support teaching experience, has stronger「using will」. (4) The user, whose network or computer period of service is longer, also has stronger「using will」. This research infers that PDA supporting teaching has brought more forward benefit.



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Qi Luo






R. J. Fang et al., "The Systems of Primary School Teachers Using PDA to Support Instruction", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 58-60, pp. 884-889, 2011

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June 2011




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