Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Feng

Abstract: Fusing three-dimensional virtual scene and video image into a perfect whole, is a key technology in augmented reality, which includes a...

Authors: Jian Liang Peng

Abstract: Urban logistic capability is an importation area of urban competition capability. The competitiveness index system of city logistics service...

Authors: Bin Nie, Jian Qiang Du, Ri Yue Yu, Yu Hui Liu, Guo Liang Xu, Yue Sheng Wang, Li Ping Huang

Abstract: Traditional Chinese Medicine have the secret is dosage,the Traditional Chinese Medical clinical therapeutic effect key is prescription’...

Authors: Xiang Tian Xie, Jin Shan Zhang

Abstract: This document builds up the inventory control model of fresh agricultural products based on the expected loss of inventory costs (purchase...

Authors: Jin Shan Zhang, Xiang Tian Xie

Abstract: In the study of vegetable price forecast, as the price is subject to various uncertain factors (weather, supply and demand, etc.), it has...

Authors: Ge Fu Zhang, Dong Hui Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to construct a multi-objective optimization model for cooperative pricing in the management of apparel supply...

Authors: Zhen Rui Peng, Hong Yin

Abstract: This paper analyzes the bag-making process and control requirements of paper and yarn compounding bag-making machine (PYCBMM). The overall...

Authors: Jing Xu, Yang Jian Ji, Guo Ning Qi, Xi Ze Liu

Abstract: Focusing on the technical objects, the relation of technical objects is analyzed on the basis of the product data concept model and the...

Authors: Chun Jiang Zhou, Hong Chun Chen

Abstract: The high speed machining technology of complex surface has been a focus of the study. Based on the analysis of cutting force model for...


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